10 Tips to Make a Perfect Selfie

How to make a perfect selfie

Do you have some friends of your that look so beutiful everytime they post a selfie online? Probably they are using some of these tricks that you seriously have to take in consideration.
We collected for you 10 tips&tricks to look better in your selfie.

How to make a nice selfie

1 – Many people know their best profile, but some scientific studies assert that the left side of your body is probably the most photogenic one.

How to make the perfect selfie

2 – Group selfie? Don’t be the closest to the camera or you will look embarrassing big! You better should align with the others and then shoot

How to make an awesome selfie

3 – If you shoot portrait pics, you have to do that from down to the top lo look taller and slender

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4 – Turn a little bit like 3/4 frontal to obtain more intensity on the shapes of your face.

How to make a perfect selfie

5 – If you are sit down, make a pic from the top. Look up until you cross the shooting line.

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6 – Crop your body to fill the screen. You will be amazing and tall!

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7 – Put your tongue between your teeth to have a wider smile. Remember to smile with your eyes to do not look sad!

Come sorridere naturalmente nelle foto

8 – Wanna smile to look natural? Follow these 4 easy steps: close your eyes, make a breathe, open your eyes a lil bit before to shoot and smile.

Smile with your eyes Modescope

9 – Look at a bright light before to shoot; in that way you’ll reduce the red-eyes effect.

How to say money before to shoot

10 – Say money, not cheese to curl the angle of your lips for a natural smile.

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