5 Office Styles from Urban Outfitters

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You can find a lot of office styles inspiration on Urban Outfitters.
They have a time limited page called “Back to school” that is a mid season garments selection dedicated both to school womenswear than for office.
Here we collected 5 office outfits that are particularly significant for September and October months.
You can also play on Modescope with the Urban Outfitter garments swiping throught categories to create your own and personal office style.
By the way here you can see what we most recommended for you to buy.

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As you can see bourdeaux and burgundy are must-have colours for the autumn style.
Mix it with black or brown to create your personal office style and add a small arrow pochette.
You will be surprised to discover how cheap is this outfit!
►►► Shoes
►►► Pochette
►►► Jumper
►►► Bracelet

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Imagine an office in the ’70s! This is the perfect retro style to look on trend this season.
Do you like the elephant watch? You can find it here:
►►► Watch
►►► Bag
►►► Shoes
►►► Dress

Where to buy office style garments online

This is our favourite style with row edge in pants that are so sofisticated!
The ecru jumper with the white accessories and the casio watch are the perfect touch of glamour for this office style.
►►► Shoes
►►► Casio watch
►►► Bag
►►► Jumper
►►► Trousers

Where to buy a style office

The last one is so elegant and simple, a well mix between red and black.
Knitwear and denim as material with some black leather as details.
►►► Jumper
►►► Bag
►►► Shoes
►►► Watch

So which one will you choose to go to the office tomorror? Which one do you prefer?


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