7 Fashion Sketch Illustrators on Instagram

Fashion Sketch Illustration

Antonio Soares – http://antoniosoares.tumblr.com/


Fashion and Instagram are ingredients of the same recipe and we know it.
But what we don’t know are the talentuos people into this community that are able to create more than a beautiful pic with them in.
We are talking about illustrators and designers that post their sketches on; the focus today is on 5 top illustrators we recommend you to follow.


1 – Anastasia Alekna aka @vitasovna

Anastasia Alekna
She is an artist, illustrator and designer from Moscow.
What we personally love are the parfum bottle sketches like Dolce&Gabbana or Daisy by Marc Jacobs and the macarons watercolor sketch that seems so real!
Check also her facebook page where you can find also some gadgets with her draws!



2 – Holly Nichols aka hnicholsillustration

Fashion Illustrator from Boston.
She sketched both for Primark and for Mercedes Fashion Week and her draws are required all over the world into the fashion sphere.


3 – Jessica Durrant aka jessillustrator

She is From Las Vegas, right now living in Atlanta. Her work is really impressive and she worked for the top Fashion magazines and brands.
These 2 are our favourites pics: 1 & 2


4 – Natalia Jheté

From Miami, Natalia is more than an illustrator: some sketches are so impressive!
It’s really hard to select “the best” but for sure the Eco Warrior and “The Chinese”


5 – Claudia Teti refer to claudiateti1

Claudia Teti
Fashion designer with a deep passion for hand drawing, Claudia used to sketch more silhouette for fashion catwalk.
We strongly recommend you her Instagram profile where you can find designs like the Dot and Viktor&Rolf haute couture


6 – Cristina Alonso

Angel girl
Cristina comes from Valencia and she is a hyper-realistic fashion and beauty illustrator.
She also published some books about sketching and illustration, to discover more have a look here


7 – Amelia Suwandi as @ameliasuwandi

amelia suwandi
Amelia is a fashion designer from Jakarta.
She uses digital graphic to sketch the subjects that are from fashion but also from music or movie scenes.


Anyone else interesting to follow? Leave the link in the comments section



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