7 Top Italian Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Mariano di Vaio e Chiara Ferragni Fashion Bloggers Italy | Modescope

Instagram is the main social for fashion lovers and fashion bloggers. There you can find every day style tips and suggestions.

In Italy there are many international famous fashion bloggers that have reached a huge following on Instagram.
We suggested you to follow these 7 fashion bloggers:

Chiara Ferragni

The Blonde Salad Fashion Bloggers Italia Modescope

Started in 2009 Chiara became the most famous italian fashion blogger with over 4,4 million followers on Instagram.
She “earned” also a huge haters following, but her job is superlative for the most in fashion field.
She partecipates at the catwalks, she models, and she also has her own shoes line all in the name of The Blond Salad.


Mariano di Vaio

Famous Italian Fashion Bloggers Modescope

Mariano is the most famous italian and european male blogger.
He started modelling at 17 years old, and he has always been in love with cinema, studing recitation at the New York Film Academy.

Mariano is travelling everyday, and he manages his social contents in a so scrupolous way that his followers are every day updated on every social they use. His blog is Mdvstyle.com.


Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi La Pinella Top Fashion Bloggers Italia Modescope


Since 2012 she manages “La Pinella” fashion blog. Alessia was and still is a famous italian tv announcer and this professional journey is probably the main component of his successful blogger story.
Anyway she is third in our chart with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram.


Chiara Nasti

Chiara Nasti Top Fashion Blogger Italia Modescope

@nastilove aka Chiara Nasti is close to 1 million followers on Instagram. The 17 years old fashion blogger has a huge success, thanks also to a book she wrote (Diary of a Fashion Blogger), to the partecipation as a stylist in the italian tv program Chiambretti night, and to the conduction the MTV Music Awards 2015.


Chiara Biasi

Chiara Biasi Top Fashion Blogger Italia Modescope

Always Chiara, but Biasi this time. She comes from the north of Italy (Pordenone) and right now she is living in Milan, the italian main fashion hub.

We discussed a lot about her weight, shapes and surgery operations; anyway his success is untouchable, with her 900 thousand followers on Instagram, thanks to high quality and creativity of her pictures on her blog chiarabiasi.it.


Veronica Ferraro

Veronica Ferraro Top Fashion Blogger Instagram Modescope

We already talked about Veronica here, but she is eligible also to this italian fashion bloggers list.
She is growing fast in fanbase on facebook and also Instagram, where she reached 230 thousand followers.


Nicoletta Reggio

Nicoletta Reggio Top Fashion Blogger Italia Instagram Modescope

Since 2010 Nicoletta manages the blog Scent of Obsession, that made her eligible to this ranking with 120 thousand followers on Instagram.
She loves photography and travel so her blog is ideal to each one has the same interests of Nicoletta.
You will find artistical pictures and high quality ones also on her Instagram profile.


What about you? Which fashion bloggers are you following on Instagram?




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